I. History:

Established in 1950, Lam Soon Corporation isknown in South East Asia thanks to its highquality products and good brand management skill.
WeareFMCGCorporationwithmanystrongbrandsandwidedistribution, and haveoperations in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.

In Vietnam, we have been developing foundations for our people and distribution network nationwide. Some typical brands are well-known by consumers including Sailing Boat Cooking oil, Naturel Olive oil, UFC fruit juice, Homesoy, Hershey Soya milk.

II. Mission:
We are continuously building our brand portfolio in response to evolving consumer trends.

III. Vision:
To be one of the leadingFMCG Corporations in South East Asia.

IV. Core Value:

• Integrity
• Trustworthiness
• Friendliness